Growing, selling and protecting//

Getting to market 

Getting a product to market can be extremely daunting.  Whether you want to license your idea to a major brand or manufacture it and sell it yourself, our experts can assist in every step of the process.


This can involve cost analysis, price setting, retailer presentation preparations and even key contacts in specific retail industries.  


Branding and Marketing

Positioning your product in the market with the correct brand identity and consumer communication can significantly affect the success and growth of the product.


Similarly, effective marketing is required once it is on the market to get the necessary pull through from the consumer.


Our team of experts can advise on how to put a strategy together that interests both retailers and end users.

Protection & Intellectual Property 

Getting the right protection for new products is critical to their success and longevity in the market. 


We work with local UK Intellectual Property experts that offer real value for money and a superior service.   The team can advise on design registrations, trademark issues and patents.  We can assist with applications and, if it comes to it, disputes to ensure your intellectual property is not infringed.

Grants and Funding

Financing a product development is often difficult, with significant costs at every stage of the process.  


Network China are continually scanning the available grants throughout the UK and the EU and can offer advice on how to successfully access them.   Grants of up to 50% of the product development costs can be accessed depending on location and company structure.