It all starts with an idea//

Product Design and Idea Development

Network China provide a true end-to-end service for its customers.  Starting at the concept design stage the team of international designers help to research, understand and visualise ideas quickly and cost effectively.  The team draw on their extensive knowledge and expertise to propose designs that are both marketable and manufacturable.    


Product design services:

- Concept sketching and visualising

- Product styling

- 2D visualisation and rendering

- 3D surface development

- Photo-realistic rendering

Prototyping and Design Verification

Network China's UK and China based prototyping services allows your designs to be realised and verified before mass production.  Prototyping can often highlight subtle design, assembly or production issues before investing in expensive mass production tooling.  

Prototyping services:

3D printing




CNC machining

Printing and Painting

Engineering Design

The engineering design team take the product design and add the relevant engineering details for it to be manufactured cost effectively as well as ensuring its mechanical integrity.  This includes specifying materials, fits, tolerances and assembly procedures.  Using state of the art Solidworks CAD software the team offer seamless transition to prototyping and mass production


Engineering design services:

Mechanical Design

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Design for Manufacture

Graphic and Packaging Design

Our graphic designers are experts in developing the visual elements of the product.  From logo and corporate identity to packaging layouts, instruction sheets, and website layouts 


Graphic design services:

- Freehand illustration

- Packaging design and layout

- Logo and corporate identity design

Character design

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